Customizing context menus in the Mapper window in 64-bit versions of MapInfo Pro

Product Affected : MapInfo Pro 64-bit versions
Product Feature: Menu / Toolbar
With MapInfo Pro v17, Map and Layout context menus can be customized.
For example, you can add the Explorer tool on the context menus in the Mapper window by following the below steps:

1. Go to the drop down menu as shown and click on More Commands:
User-added image
2. Under the Map Toolbar, choose the options below:
User-added image

3. The Explorer window option should be available in the right click menu now.
User-added image
If you are looking to import existing the Win32 Menu and the ButtonPad interface in the 64-bit version of MapInfo Pro, then refer to this document.

If you are looking to customize the existing ribbon toolbar, please refer to this document.
UPDATED:  March 25, 2019