Understanding the status of MapBasic Tools in MapInfo Pro 17

Products affected: MapInfo Pro™

MapInfo Pro 17.0 ships with many well known Mapbasic tools found in previous versions but some of those older tools are now obsolete and some have yet to be ported to 64-bit MapInfo Pro.

Here are Mapbasic tools that have yet to be ported to MapInfo Pro 17.0 64-bit:
DBMS Row Count
Disperse Points
Grid Tools
Rotate Labels
Rotate Map Window
Set Minimum Bounding Rectangle
Table Manager
TOC Utility
Window Manager
Workspace Resolver
Create Line by Length
HTML Image Map

Here are obsolete MapBasic Tools no longer found in MapInfo Pro 17.0 64-bit:
Symbol Maker
DBMS Catalog
Legend Manager
Line Snap Tool
Mapping Wizard
MapX Geoset Utility
Send to MapX Mobile
Spatialize SQL Server Table

UPDATED:  March 21, 2018