Resolve missing StreetPro files that are not unzipping or copying properly on Windows 7

Windows 7 machines.
Some user's have downloaded large files and data sets such as StreetPro Classic (previously "EAL") which contain "" files and related tables that have address range information which can be used for geocoding.  

The main downloaded *.zip file, which exceeds 3 gigs in size, also contain other .zip files within it that may exceed 3 gigs in size.

After unzipping the downloaded StreetPro files, on a Window 7 machine, the files and related tables are missing from the contents.

All the files unzip and are visible on Windows 10 machines.  However, if they are copied to a flash drive and moved to a Windows 7 machine, the Geocoder tables again become missing or corrupt.

This article describes a Windows 7 issue with .zip files larger than 3 gigs in size, which may be the underlying cause of the problem for some customers.

One possible workaround is to download and unzip the main large *.zip file.  Unzip any of the large individual *.zip files on a Windows 10 machine.  Then copy them to the Windows 7 computer.  This should avoid the loss of files.

UPDATED:  April 3, 2019