How to install the S03 patch for Verimove 3.7 on each platform

Products Affected:  Verimove
The Verimove 3.7 patch contains fixes for the following defects:
   VEMOVE-1639: For hyphenated last names, make an additional name match attempt dropping the left side of hyphen.
                Example:  'Leftside-Rightside'.  Try 'Leftside-Rightside' and just 'Rightside'.
   VEMOVE-1640: Correction to rules table normalization which prevented the name ANN from matching.
   VEMOVE-1644: Fix missing CASS Software Name, Version, and Data Date in the CSL report
                when Address Scan Line input fields are used with external CASS processing.

Here are the installation instructions for each platform (also contained in the readme file distributed with the patch):

    1) Back up your mu.exe and muver.exe files.
    2) Save patch to the VeriMove install folder.
    3) Unzip the contents to the VeriMove install folder replacing the mu.exe and muver.exe files.


    1) Back up your mu and muver files.
    2) Place the S03 taz and install files into the installed NLK area where the mu executable is located. 
    3) To extract the new files, run install script. For example:


    1) Back up the current VeriMove load library.
    2) Edit provided IDINSTAL.S03.JCL and run.

        NOTE: This patch will create a separate S03 Load Library.   You can either point your JCL jobs to the new S03 LOADLIB or backup your current LOADLIB and rename                         the S03 LOADLIB.
    1) Follow the instructions on page 98 of the Verimove 3.7 Installation Guide (Installing a Product Update).  This patch replaces CLKUPACK and VERIMOVE
UPDATED:  April 4, 2018