Using the Quick Search tool in MapInfo Pro 17.0

MapInfo Pro 17.0
Quick Search tool has been one of the most awaited UX improvements for MapInfo Pro 17.0 release. It brings the ability to search for commands and tools and put the results to work quickly, for example, you can quickly search for commands regardless of where they are located in the ribbon that might be placed in different tabs or sub-menus or could be available in the backstage. The Quick Search tool displays a list of all the relevant commands as you type your keywords. You could quickly get to your favorite tool without navigating the tool hierarchy in the toolbox window.
Search is accessed through the Quick Search window which is auto loaded. It is also available in the tool manager window, from where it can be unloaded or hidden if not required.
The commands start to appear as you type your search in the window, click on the command and you can start to use it.

User-added image

Search the “Add” keyword - In the above screenshot just as you start typing “Ad”, the list is populated with all the suggestions. In all the various Ribbon tabs there are several ways in which a Map, Bing map, browser, layout etc. can be added which are all displayed in the suggestion.

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Search the Map Window command – The list is populated with all the possibilities in various ribbon tabs and sub menus as seen in the above screenshot.

There is also a provision of providing your own keywords in the CSV file in the Application Data directory of Quick Search tool at %appdata%\MapInfo\MapInfo\Professional\1700\Tools\QuickSearch\keyword_en.csv. The keyword list works on the Key-Value pair concept where the first entry in every CSV line is the key (command searched) and the subsequent entries are values (search query).

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Keyword CSV in the Application Data Directory

You can also define custom keywords to launch specific commands using the Quick Search tool. The tool has the capability of locating your command in the ribbon interface. As soon as you launch a command from Quick Search, it is highlighted on the ribbon interface.  The command can be enabled/disabled or the color changed in the QuickSearch.dll.config file.
For command highlighting to work correctly, it is recommended that you disable the Ribbon Tab Switching. Under the MIPRO backstage tab, click Options and then click Application in the System section to open the Application Preferences. Set the Ribbon Tab Switching to “None”.

User-added image
Application Preferences setting in the backstage window for the highlight to work.
UPDATED:  May 1, 2018