"Unable to perform licensing tasks" message in Universal Translator in MapInfo Pro v17

Products affected: MapInfo Pro™
When running the Universal Translator (UT) in MapInfo Pro version 17 to translate a MapInfo *.tab file to an ESRI .shp file, the following message is shown in the translator log file text:
- Unable to perform any licensing related tasks.  This 64-bit version of FME requires 64-bit Background Geoprocessing, ArcGIS Pro or ArcGIS Server. - Refer to this this article for more details
- Skipping requested attribute index creation. Failed to checkout the required license

The file translation actually completes and the bottom of the log file text will also show:
- Translation was SUCCESSFUL
- Translation finished

The message is actually benign and is a generic message that SAFE Software, the creator of the UT, uses for all ESRI formats.
The FME translator from SAFE has the ability to create an additional Spatial index for ESRI formats, but that requires an ArcGIS license to create (and another to use).

The *.SHP file format does not require this spatial index, but if a user has an ArcGIS license they could create one.
UPDATED:  May 7, 2018