Obtaining values for each pixel height above or below a target value using the Viewshed function in MapInfo Pro Advanced v17

Products affected: MapInfo Pro™
With MapInfo Pro Advance, the Viewshed dialog can produce results showing whether a pixel location is above or below a specific height.
By default, the output will only show a "yes" or "no" type of validation when examining any pixel.

Starting with version 17 of MapInfo Pro Advance, the actual values above or below a specific threshold tower or target location can be output. 
The output can now help determine something similar to the following scenarios:
- A pixel location would need to be "Z" more meters in height to be visible by tower. 
- A target location could be "Z" meters lower, and would still be visible by a tower.

To produce that type of output, enable the option: "Use Complex Calculation".
Select Raster tab > Raster Operations > Viewshed > More Options
That will display the check box for "Use Complex Calculation". 
Check that box to enable the feature when processing the output file.
UPDATED:  May 9, 2018