Locating the Verimove sample IVP job on the z/OS platform

Products Affected:  Verimove
Operating System: z/OS
Verimove includes a sample input file and sample job definition files for running in external CASS mode.  Included in the install of the Verimove software for z/OS are the following sample input files:

hlq.SAMPDATA is the sample data containing old 200 character CASS fields
hlq.SAMPDAT2 is the sample data containing new 250 character CASS fields

The Job definition files can be found in the hlq.SAMPJOBD library:

IVPXCASS member has input definitions for hlq.SAMPDATA
IVPXCSF2 member has input definitions for hlq.SAMPDAT2

The Verimove Installation Guide provides steps on how to run the Verimove sample job.
UPDATED:  September 4, 2018