Understanding the Append function in MapInfo Pro

Products affected: MapInfo Pro™
Appending Rows to a Table 
Use the Append Rows command to attach a selection from one table to another. The two tables should have the same set of columns in the same order. 
To append data to another table: 
1. On the TABLE tab, in the Edit group, click Append Rows to open the Append Rows to Table dialog box. 
2. Specify the table containing the records to be appended. 
3. Specify the table to which the records will be appended and click OK.

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If the corresponding columns do not have the same data type, a “best fit” is done to convert the data to the appropriate type. 
If the order of the columns is not the same between the two tables, use the Table > Maintenance > Table Structure command to reorder the columns before using Append Rows   

NOTE: If tables are mappable, the “bounds” of the map in one table must be large enough to allow objects from the other table to fit within it. Otherwise, the objects will not display properly.
Bounds are defined by the “minimum bounding rectangle” (MBR), which is represented as a rectangle that “bounds” or encloses mappable data:

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 Use the Check/Set CoordSys Bounds tool to display the MBR and to alter the map bounds of the table if this occurs.    (Home > Tools) 
Appending One Table to Another 
To append one table to another: 
1. On the TABLE tab, in the Edit group, click Append Rows to open the Append Table dialog box. 
2. Choose the table to append from. Select a table in the Append Table drop-down list. 
3. Choose the table that will be appended to. Select a table in the To Table drop-down list. 
4. Click OK. The status of the append operation displays. 
5. Click Stop to halt the append process. When the columns of the two tables are not ordered properly, so that columns with corresponding positions do not have corresponding data, use Modify Structure 
(From the TABLE tab, click Table and select Modify Structure ) to change the order of the columns in one of the tables. 
Use SQL Select to reorder the columns of one of the tables and then Append the results.  
To properly use the APPEND function, the tables or rows being appended should have the same field names, data types and the order of fields for the best results.

It is recommended to use Home>save copy as to make a copy of the table being appended TO, since that table will be altered when the rows are added from the table selected in the top dropdown labeled - "Append Table".

UPDATED:  May 15, 2018