Checking Payment Requests in Confirm

Products affected: Confirm®
Product feature: Payment Processing

Once Jobs are entered onto Requests with the amounts requested for Payment, the requested values are checked against the original Job values and 'passed' or 'failed' according to the tolerances set in the Contract (Contract Preparation\Contract - Tolerances tab) and the checks performed by a Request Checking Data Source which has optionally been supplied in the Payment System Settings screen in Confirm®.

Requests, which are 'passed', will be available for Authorisation for payment.

Where the Payment Value is different from the original value, an automatic Variation Order will be raised and committed to account for the difference when the Request is paid (i.e. placed on a Payment Batch and committed).

The Jobs on these Requests can then be placed on a Payment Batch and paid.

Jobs on Requests which 'fail' the testing can be examined on the Request Remeasurement.

The filter allows selection by:

Contract:Enter, or select from the pick list. The pick list reference all live Contracts
Job Action Officer:Optionally, enter an Action Officer to restrict the Checking to only those Jobs assigned to them.
Request Reference:Enter or select from the pick lists. The pick lists reference the Request Code for all uncommitted Requests.
Request Date:Enter a data or range of dates. The selection will be based on the date entered in the 'Date' field of the Request.

Leave all filter fields empty to carry out the check on all available Requests.

Click on OK to carry out the check and display the results. The report will display the Contract, the Request reference and text, and 'Check Comments'. The Check Comments will indicate whether the Request has Checked OK, or been suspended. If the request is suspended the reason is given.

Save the report to update the statuses of all the Requests in the report.

Where the Request has 'Checked OK', the status will update to the one given in the Payment System Settings for Checked, and will be available to be authorised for Payment.

Where the Request has been suspended, the status will update to the one given in the Payment System Settings for Suspended, and will need to be remeasured, or authorised manually, before it can be paid.

UPDATED:  September 13, 2019