Converting a table of text objects to labels in Mapinfo Pro

Products affected:
MapInfo Pro™
First add a column to hold the value of the text objects.
Go to the Table tab>Table> modify structure.
Add a column of type character () make the width large enough to hold the largest value.

Once the column has been added go to > Table tab>Update column.
Update column with the string Value of a text object using ObjectInfo (obj,3) function.

After updating the column with ObjectInfo (obj,3), the sting value of the text objects get inserted into the new column.
To now show these as labels extract the lat/long values of the text objects and store the lat/long values to establish a point object on the map.
Click on the Home tab> Tool Extensions> Registered> place a check mark next to the Coordinate Extractor and select the icon to load the tool.

Now that we have the Lat/long values we can remove the Map objects that were the text objects and replace them with points with no symbols and display the labels that are now records in the table.

UPDATED:  June 7, 2018