Map Preference options for "warn prior to loss of" are greyed out in MapInfo Pro 64-bit versions

Products Affected: MapInfo Pro™
Before closing workspaces in 32-bit versions of MapInfo Pro, there are options available for "Warn Prior to Loss of:"
- Cosmetic Objects
- Map Labels
- Thematic Layers

These menu items are listed under Options>Preferences>Map Window>Editing.

For 64-bit versions, the preferences are located under:
Pro>Options>Map Window>Editing

However, these options are greyed out and not selectable with 64-bit versions of MapInfo Pro.

Those check box preferences are part of the dialog that are still present due to the transition between 32bit and 64bit versions.  They will be removed from the Pro>Options>Map Window>Editing tab after version 17.

To enable similar features using a 64-bit version, go to Pro>Options>Workspace.

The common choices would be to use: "Prompt to Save:" and choose "Only when I have an open workspace".
That setting will automatically prompt for the same features that were available as individual checkbox items in the 32-bit versions.

At this time, there are no separate check boxes to get at the previous "granular" settings available in 32-bit versions. MapInfo Pro will execute the options previously available as part of the setting of "Only when I have an open workspace".

Choosing Prompt to Save>Automatic, will prompt with warnings every time the Close or Close All menu is selected.  Even if only a single table has been opened, but no actual workspace was created or opened, closing files will generate a message using that setting.

For a demonstration of these steps, please watch this video:
UPDATED:  December 6, 2019