Upgrading Tomcat server in EngageOne Deliver

Product Feature: Application Server

Operating System: Windows Server

Tomcat version 6.0 is bundled with EngageOne Deliver installation package. Selecting the Tomcat component during installation sets up a new instance of Tomcat on the system and pre-configures the server to run with EngageOne Deliver.

The steps below describes how to configure Tomcat to work with EngageOne Deliver:

1. Locate the Tomcat 6.0/conf folder. 
2. Create an XML file of the specified name at the specified location, for e.g. Tomcat 6.0/conf/Catalina/localhost/EODigitalDeliver.xml”
3. Insert the parameters below into the XML file created in Step 2 and save:

   <Context docBase="<installation directory>/core.war" privileged="true"
    antiResourceLocking="false" antiJARLocking="false">

4. The XML file name will be the context path when running EngageOne Deliver. For example, if the file name is EODigitalDeliver.xml, the URL would be http://localhost:8080/EODigitalDeliver/.

5. Populate the database. 

6. Enable Unicode character request handling support by adding the URIEncoding attribute to the HTTP connector defined in the \conf\server.xml and set its value to UTF-8.

7. Start the Tomcat Server.

The latest release of EngageOne Deliver (Currently v2.4 as of June 2018) comes with Tomcat v8.5.16.

More information is available in the EngageOne Deliver Installation guide.

UPDATED:  June 26, 2018