How to make records with different PMB values not match as duplicates using Merge/Purge Plus

Product Affected:  Merge/Purge Plus  
Product Feature: General
Operating System: All platforms

123 Main ST PMB 12394                                      Los Angeles                      CA  98765
123 Main ST PMB 12933                                      Los Angeles                      CA  98765
Using Merge/Purge Plus (MPP) the job is finding these records as duplicates.
The street address is the same for these addresses.  But the Private Mailbox Designation (PMB) is different.  Is there a way they won't be found as duplicates?
Here is one suggestion:
The ADDRDF parameter has the address information altogether in this job.
ADDRDF L 307 30

Once it is changed to:
ADDRDF L 307 13 320 17
Position 320 is the beginning of the PMB xxx value.  Once this was parsed as a separate value, MPP then place these records in the mail file not to as duplicates.

Another suggestion is to replace 'PMB' with '#".  The USPS will accept PMB or # before the PMB value

At this time, specific software logic on how to treat PMB records does not exist in the MPP 6.6.0 software.

UPDATED:  September 20, 2018