Street address, tax district, or geocoding data not found, invalid, or other unexpected result

Products Affected:  Spectrum, Finalist, CODE-1 Plus, Geotax, Geographic Coding Plus, MapMarker
Occasionally, you may come across an address that does not give you the result you expect. This could be any of the following:
  • An address comes back as invalid in Validate Address in Spectrum
  • An address only geocodes to a postal level in Geographic Coding
  • An address doesn't have the correct tax jurisdiction in GeoTax
  • An address isn't found in CODE-1 Plus or Finalist
  • Other similar unexpected returns in any other Software product

Because addresses and borders are constantly changing, a given address may change or be added over time. For this reason, it is important that you keep your data up-to-date as we release new vintages (month/year) of data. If you come across an address that gives you unexpected results, check the following information first:
  1. What data vintage are you using? If the data is not current, try updating to a newer version of the data first  to see if you get the same results.
  2. Is this a new address? It can take some time for addresses to be updated by the various sources. If this is a very new address, wait for a new vintage of data to come out to see if it's been automatically included in the new version of the data.
  3. Is the expected result time-sensitive? Some of our data is set up to only return certain information when it is valid. If a jurisdiction isn't changing until a specific date, you may not get that return until that date is reached.
If you're on the latest data, and the address is not new, and you are still not getting the result you're expecting, please open a case with Technical Support so the issue can be investigated. Please note that not all address issues can be fixed by Pitney Bowes directly, and updates may take time to get into the system as we will need to wait for our vendors to integrate changes into their systems. When contacting Technical Support for assistance, please be sure to include the vintage of data you are using, the address in question, and any return codes in order to expedite investigation of the address.
UPDATED:  June 19, 2018