Understanding Parent, Child and Sibling Jobs in Confirm

Products affected: Confirm®
Product feature: Non-routine Maintenance
Please note: Module '0970 - CM Works Precedence' is required.

The Parent Job field allows a hierarchy of Jobs to be created where many individual Jobs may be logged beneath a single over-arching Job.

To assign a Parent (over-arching) Job, simply enter the Parent Job's reference in this field, or use the Pick button to filter Jobs to find the appropriate Parent. A Parent Job may also have a Parent, hence any particular hierarchy of Jobs may be created.

A Parent Job reference will be rejected if the Job Number does not exist or if the Current Job is already a Parent within the requested Parent's hierarchy - in other words you cannot create a circular chain of Parent Jobs. If a circular chain is detected then an error similar to the following will be displayed:

 Error: Job cannot be set as the Parent.

To remove a Job's Parent, clear the Parent Job field and save the record.

The Child Jobs tab lists any Jobs whose Parent is the currently selected Job.

Copy button

The Copy button copies the details of an existing Job to a new one. SOR items are copied but the status log is not. Where appropriate, dates are reset. When used on the Order Job screen the copied Job will be placed on the Order automatically.

On the Job screen there are three different Copy options: 
  • Copy - this creates a new Job with no Parent Job. 
  • Copy as Child - this creates a new Job with its Parent Job set to the one being copied. 
  • Copy as Sibling - this creates a new Job with the same Parent Job as the one being copied. 
Creating a subsequent Child Job from that Parent Job is the same as creating a Sibling from the first Child Job.
UPDATED:  July 9, 2018