Deleting Nodes in MapInfo Pro 64-bit

Here are the steps to delete (or move) nodes in a map object in MapInfo Pro 64-bit:

1) Make the table in question editable, display the nodes and select the map object to be edited.
In the Explorer Window, Right-click on the layer and choose Layer Properties, or double-click on the layer.

Here the layer has been made editable, the nodes are being displayed and the object to be edited is selected.
The node to be deleted is highlighted as well in this screenshot:

User-added image

2) Navigate to the Spatial > Edit tab and at the Nodes drop-down , select "Reshape Nodes":

User-added image

3) Click on the node(s) that should be deleted (or moved):

User-added image

4) Click on the delete key on the keyboard (or click the backspace key) to delete the selected node(s):
User-added image
5) When editing of nodes is complete, save the table.

While selecting Reshape node, it is also possible to select a node, hold the left mouse button and move the node to a different location.
Use the SHIFT key to select multiple or consecutive nodes.
UPDATED:  August 9, 2018