TIFF file (one bit data) not rendered correctly in MapInfo Pro 16.x up to 17.0.2

Products affected: MapInfo Pro 16.x up to 17.0.2


TIFF file (one bit data) not rendered correctly in MapInfo Pro 16.x up to 17.0.2. The raster is loaded correctly and when viewed at a suitable small scale, displays correctly.
However, when viewed at larger scales the raster may not render as expected. The image may not display at all (fall back to white background color) or gets displayed inverted.



At larger scales, the raster data is being acquired from the overview pyramid.
The issue arises because the data type used to store data in the overview pyramid is the same as the original source data type. In this case that data type is a single bit. Because of the lack of
resolution in this data type, the overview levels lack the expected data fidelity. Usually these type of images tend to fade to background as you zoom out because background
pixels outnumber foreground pixels in the base level and so the foreground tends to progressively drop out or gets inverted. So it can appear that there is no data in the file until you zoom in.


UPDATED: December 10, 2019
These TIFF images contain 1-bit imagery (0 = white, 1 = black). They mount as "Image" field type in MapInfo Pro 17.0 and the data is loaded properly. If you have PPRC files created by previous
versions, you are advised to delete them.

One possible workaround is to convert the source raster to an 8-bit MRR image.

Another workaround is to disable the latest raster handler so that MapInfo renders the images with the old raster handler. This can be done under:
PRO > Options > MapInfo Pro Raster > Preferences > Raster Formats. Disable (un-select) GeoTIFF Image for Display (Enable Display) under Native and GDAL Formats.
You will need to re-start MapInfo Pro so these changes can take effect.