Understanding why Grouped Layers uploaded from MapInfo Pro do not appear in Spectrum Spatial Analyst

Products affected: MapInfo Pro™, Spectrum Spatial Analyst™


If a map is containing "Grouped Layers" as shown in the following screenshot in MapInfo Professional:

User-added image

and this map is uploaded to Spectrum Spatial Server to see it in Spectrum Spatial Analyst, only the layers which are on the top level and not part of any group are shown in Spectrum Spatial Analyst connect application, as shown in the following screenshot:

User-added image


This is a known limitation of Spectrum Spatial Analyst, which currently does not support the display of layers that are inside a named "group layer" within MapInfo Pro.


UPDATED: November 30, 2018
There has been an enhancement request in place for showing grouped layers in Spectrum Spatial Analyst and it will be implemented in the future releases. Contact Pitney Bowes software support and quote the JIRA ID# CONN-38052 to know the current status of the request.