Bounce notification of undelivered emails not received in EngageOne Deliver

Product Feature: EngageOne Deliver Reports



Email Bounces were not properly reported in EngageOne® Deliver report although the emails were successfully received from the Internet Service Provider (ISP). 

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The relevant database table was correctly updated to show the message status as delivered successfully.

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The problem could be caused when email message status code is not being received in the bounce email as expected. The status code was incorrectly received as 'Status: 5.1.2 (bad destination system: no such domain)'. EngageOne Deliver expects the status code to be a number and not containing any text. The correct status code, as EngageOne Deliver expects it, would be 'Status: 5.1.2'.

This problem exists in all releases of EngageOne Deliver.



UPDATED: May 27, 2019
As a workaround to rectify the problem, following SQL script can be executed against the EngageOne Deliver database to increase the length of column where status code is stored.

ALTER TABLE [outbound_message] ALTER COLUMN [status_code] [nvarchar](128) NULL;

For more information and availability of fix in the later releases, contact Support and quote JIRA # EMSG-2282.