MapInfo Pro 17.x and confusion regarding the Global Geocoder Service HELP file referencing "new table" as an option for output

Product affected: MapInfo Pro™
Product Feature: Geocoding



User has an table of address open in MapInfo Pro 17 and is using the new Global Geocoder to geocode this table and the user wants the geocoding results (coordinates, etc.) to be written to a NEW table and not to the original table or an existing table.
"NEW table" is not available at the Output Table drop-down in the Global Geocoding dialog, although that capability is referenced in the HELP file for Pro 17.x:

User-added image


The HELP file in Pro 17 that discusses the Geocoding Service capabilities available references both the old
"Spectrum On Demand" and "Envinsa" Geocoding preferences as well as the new "Global Geocoder" preferences, without

Here's the confusing passage:

"Select Insert into Table and then choose the name of the table you want to use from the drop-down list to store the geocoding results into. Selecting <New> from the drop-down will allow you to create a new table for storing the geocoding results."

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The old method did have a "New Table" output option and this is what is referenced in the HELP file.
User-added image

The new Global Geocoder dialog, however, does NOT allow "New table" as an output table option, hence the confusion.


UPDATED: May 10, 2019
The documentation should be updated in order to clarify the differences between the old and the new dialogs, including relevant screenshots.
Users of the new Global Geocoder can geocode with the output going to the input table (if editable), to an editable table that is open in Pro or the user can browse to an editable table to update with the geocoding output.