Installing MapInfo Pro 2019.2 patch on top of MapInfo Pro 2019.1

Product affected: MapInfo Pro™


Some customers try to install MapInfo Pro 2019.2 patch on MapInfo Pro 2019.0 and they receive the error message below:

User-added image


MapInfo Pro 2019.1 release is mandatory to install MapInfo Pro patch 2019.2.


UPDATED: June 16, 2020
 In order to apply this patch 2019.2, please follow the process below:

- uninstall MapInfo Pro 2019.0
- install MapInfo Pro 2019.1
- install patch 2019.2

Note: For any installation, please be sure you use a full administrator account + right clic on the setup.exe file and choose "Run as administrator".

If needed you can retreive MapInfo Pro 2019.1 release via our web site.