External PDF Document imported into EngageOne Designer has a black background in AFP output

Product Feature: Printing/General Output


External PDF documents with a white default background, when imported into EngageOne Designer using the default import profile, are rendered in generated AFP output with a black background.


Fault in the default import profile.


UPDATED: July 3, 2020
Designer publish for External Documents with an explicit color background has been updated to cater for this scenario.

The change requires publications with external PDF documents with white or other colour backgrounds to be re-published.

Workaround :
Change the options in the import configuration file

to be those shown below:-
options": "-M defaultall -m Edirect -M keepsrccolor -M transmode=1 -f",

For the changes to take effect the external document will need to be re-imported.

The pdfimport_default.json file will be updated and packed with all Designer releases later than (currently scheduled for release at the end of July 2020).