Move Activity by NCOALink Return Code Category shows records in months 19-48 in Verimove PSR

Products Affected:  Verimove


Limited Service providers receive 18 months of NCOALink data.  However, the Move Activity by NCOALink Return Code Category of the Processing Summary Report shows records in the 19-48 month category.


The NCOALink data is weekly and is not a strict monthly cutoff.  The month counters are based on the current month minus the move month.  Therefore, there will be moves included in the 18 month data that are older and have not yet rolled off the data.

As an example, 6/15 data will still have December 2018 moves.  If running the job in June, 2020, the moves would fall in the current month (the 0 month bucket) and the December 2018 moves would count in the 18-month old data.

If a job runs in July, all the moves will look one month older.  Current month (July) would show 0 moves (no July 2020 moves in 6/15/2020 data) and June 2020 moves would now fall into the one month old bucket, and December 2018 moves now fall into the 19 month old bucket.


UPDATED: July 24, 2020
Verimove is working as expected based on the explanation above.