Sentence with special character render as a image in EngageOne Vault

Product Feature: Render


The sentence with special character in document rendered as an image in EngageOne® Vault. 


When Vault converts the text in AFP to PDF using substitution, it falls back to rendering the text as a bitmap if any of the characters cannot be represented in the output encoding.

Characters in AFP are identified using a character name or Graphic Character Global Identifier. Vault needs to map these names to Unicode in order to convert the text to PDF. This mapping is controlled using the file in the resource set directory of vault.

For standard substitution, characters are limited to code points under 256. The characters in question i.e. "fancy" quotes or dashes (-) may not be present in file.


UPDATED: August 27, 2019
Map the special character Unicode value with GCGID in the file.

SP200000 0027

SP200000 is the GCGID for Right Single Quote and 0027 is the Unicode code point for APOSTROPHE.