'DataSourceException: java.sql.SQLException: Method not supported' message in Spectrum



Data loading into Hive using JDBC connection fails with 'DataSourceException: java.sql.SQLException: Method not supported' message.


Methods of 'Apache Hive JDBC driver' downloaded from Apache repository, used by Spectrum stages (for example 'Write to DB') are unimplemented.


UPDATED: May 12, 2020
We has extended implementation of 'Apache Hive JDBC driver' and shipped it along with Spectrum 2018.2 to be used with Hive 1.2.x. It is shipped with Spectrum 2018.2 but can be used with any Supported Spectrum version. This driver is compatible (and supported) with only Hive 1.2.x.
For any other version of Hive supported by Spectrum, 'Load to Hive' stage should be used to load the data into it.