Keyboard sticking on the DM50-DM60, DM100i-DM200i, DM110i-DM220i and DM300-DM475

Products affected: DM50™ / DM55™ (K721), DM60™ (K722), DM100i / DM150i / DM200i (P720), DM110i / DM160i / DM220i (PR20), DM300c / DM400c / DM475c (G920), DM300M / DM400M / DM475M (G922)


Your meter keyboard is not responding / sticking.


Occasionally, the keyboard can become faulty. This is usually caused by wear and tear.


UPDATED: 3 December 2019
  1. Firstly, remove the power lead until the screen goes blank.
  2. If any key seems to be stuck under the plastic cover of the machine, using the blunt end of a pen, gently push the key affected down slightly and see if you can centralize it back to it's original position. You may need to try this with all the keys on the keyboard however because it may not be obvious what key is jammed down.
  3. Now replace the power lead. 
  4. Test the keyboard by pressing any of the keys when the machine returns to the home screen.