MapInfo Easyloader sets the object type to "All" when creating the entry in Map Catalog table in SQL Server 2016

Products affected: Mapinfo Pro
Product Feature: Tools/3rd Party Plugins


Using MapInfo Pro v17.0.4 64-bit and EasyLoader with SQL Server 2016 uploaded a number of MapInfo tables using EasyLoader.  This successfully creates a Map Catalog.  Create a view on that table and make it Relational Database Management System (RDBMS) mappable.

User-added image

At this point the system seems to write the lines in the Map Catalog to set the table to ALL object types, even though it's not: it may be purely polygons or purely lines.  These Catalog entries then have to be edited to reflect the correct object types.


A View can contain multiple geometries so is to All types as Mapinfo Pro considers a View as having indeterminate Object types within it.


UPDATED: December 12, 2019
The software is working as designed.