EngageOne Vault - Problem loading 2GB PDF file, loader hangs or ERROR 50042

Product Feature: Loader



EngageOne® Vault loader stalls or generates ERROR 50042 when processing a PDF file of 2.5GB in size.


When loading a PDF or TIFF document, the size of the compressed file that could be created has the potential to be large than the original file size, and may breach the 4GB compressed file size limit.

Further, EngageOne Vault is unlikely to be able to read this amount of PDF data into it's buffers, so could hang or generate the following error:

ERROR 50042 : failed to process frame info for file [ work\20200108-my_file-17-12-21.pdf ]


UPDATED: January 21, 2020
Ensure that the file being loaded (especially for TIFF and PDF) is less than 2GB in size.