EngageOne Vault - AFP documents viewed as PDF are not displaying correctly

Product Feature: Render



Following the loading of an AFP document into Vault, when the same document is rendered as PDF, the content is garbage:

User-added image


One or more of the Bitmap font or fonts in the source AFP file did not contain the relevant Unicode font character mapping, so Vault was unable to successfully map the characters correctly (when using fonts.ini), resulting in garbage when viewed as PDF.


UPDATED: January 22, 2020
Deploying the following parameter in the relevant profile:


Resulting PDF document will view as an image (not have the AFP fonts mapped to a PDF equivalent), so will therefore not be as "clear" as when the fonts are able to be mapped via fonts.ini.

Once the change is made to the profile, the Render will need to be restarted to pick this up.

Please note that this parameter is only available from version onwards.