Error: Unable to connect to server on port in Spectrum Miner

Product Feature: Installation



when clicking on the Spectrum Miner on the client, receiving message, unable to connect to Server .. on port 3001.


This is most likely a network issue.  Look at the Sessionmanager.log  for additional information. If the Spectrum Miner server machine has more than one IP address, the network from which Spectrum Miner connects to may need to be specified.  If the Virtual Machine has multiple Virtual Network Cards, then the IP address will need to be specified. 


UPDATED: March 16, 2020
1. Check the firewall to make sure the Server is not blocking access. 
2.  Make sure that port 3001 is open and nothing blocking the port.
3.  Check /etc/hosts and make sure the host name is in there.
4.  Specify the network from which Spectrum Miner clients will connect.  See example below: 
  Use hostname command  in>smhome>/config/setup.dat         
  (where<smhome> is the installation directory). See Editing the setup file on page 34. For example, to configure the server so that it uses the IP address, add the following line to setup.dat: hostname=
If after installation you find that another process is using the port that you specified for the Spectrum Miner server, you can change the server port by using the port command insetup.dat. For example, to configure the installed server with version qs8.1 to use port 3005 instead of port 3001, edit the line qs8.1: port=3001 insetup.dat to read: qs8.1: port=3005

Also attached admin guide from where this information is referred.