EngageOne Vault 7.6 AWS S3 storage ForwardJournalOnIndex and Remove issues

Product Feature: Loader


When running EngageOne® Vault 7.6 in an AWS environment with S3 storage ForwardJournalOnIndex, ForwardJournalOnUnidex is not placed journal files in the specified location and gives the following error.

ERROR 98230: unable to open input file, filename [\\my_server_name\vaultShare\storage\2020\01\13\20200113093654-2097048000-archive-afp-2097048000.jrn], system code [2], system reason [The system cannot find the file specified.]
ERROR 64303: unable to forward journal, from [\\my_server_name\vaultShare\storage\2020\01\13\20200113093654-2097048000-archive-afp-2097048000.jrn], to [\\my_server_name\vaultShare\storage\2020\01\13\20200113093654-2097048000-archive-afp-2097048000.jrn], code [98230]

The remove process is also not working as expected.  Under normal circumstances, when the remove process is run in a non AWS environment, it will place the removed files in the <install_path>\server\removed folder, in AWS, this is not happening.


The purpose of the AWS implementation is to keep all the DRD,DRP and JRN files on the S3 storage (including all removed files).

The options which were chosen in the profile ForwardJournalOnIndex and ForwardJournalOnUnindex do not work with S3 storage.


UPDATED: May 28, 2020
Patch for ForwardJournalOnIndex and ForwardJournalOnUnindex is available of Vault.