"unable to find valid certification path to requested target" error when using LDAP with Spectrum

Products affected: Spectrum™ Technology Platform


The necessary properties in the 'spectrum-config-ldap.properties’ file have been set, but when starting Spectrum shows this error message:

unable to find valid certification path to requested target.



The LDAP certificates were not added to the Java TrustStore. 


UPDATED: March 13, 2020
All LDAP certificates need to be added to the Java TrustStore used by Spectrum™ Technology Platform. You can get a copy of the certificate from your LDAP administrator and you will need to Import this certificate to the Java TrustStore using the keytool utility.

Always open the command prompt as an administrator when running the keytool Utility. For Spectrum version 2018.2 the Java used is Java64 and this is located within the Spectrum installation, so certificates must be added to this Java and the Spectrum Server must be restarted.

Read the documentation for more details.