Problem after upgrading Spectrum Spatial Analyst 2018.2 to 2019.1


After upgrading SSA 2018.2 to 2019.1 it is failing to log into Spatial Analyst for any users with the following error:


Problem accessing /rest/Spatial/ProjectService/projects.json. Reason:


The install log

Looking at spatial repository the user see no resources for any users or roles.

Looking at the install log file we see:
Additional Notes: WARNING - There was a problem copying /opt/ssa2019/analyst/customerconfigurations


When running an upgrade of SSA from 2018.2 to 2019.1 if a new destination install folder is chosen, then the installer runs the migration utility from the destination, not the source. For example, the original ssa was in the folder /opt/ssa2018 and the new destination was /opt/ssa2019. The migration utility was run against /opt/ssa2019 when it should have run against /opt/ssa2018.


UPDATED: April 1, 2020
Rerun the migration utility with the correct source. In this example:
sudo /opt/ssa2019/analyst/migration/ -url= -username=admin -password=***
-dirInput=/opt/ssa2018/analyst/customerconfigurations -javaPath=/usr/java/jdk1.8.0_201-amd64