"Processing failed with error 5" message in EngageOne Vault


Following error is being observed while extracting resources from HIP file using 'RMFPROC' utility in EngageOne Vault -
~\Vault\server\tools>rmfproc F:\TestRmf\TestPub.hip F:\TestRmf\resource

Rmf extract utility  v6.0.2058.0

Copyright (C) 1993-2014 Pitney Bowes Software Europe Ltd.

Processing failed with error 5

Error with resource packs: F:\TestRmf\TestPub.hip



This is caused when the HIP file published from EO Designer 6.6 SP9 or later versions and using old version of "RMFPROC" utility before Rmf extract utility  v6.0.2744.0.


UPDATED: July 7, 2020
It is mandatory to use the updated set of Resource extraction (RMFUTIL) libraries(Rmf extract utility  v6.0.2744.0 or later) for resources ingested into Vault on using the HIP file published from EngageOne Designer 6.6 SP9 onward. For more information refer to the "Designer Release Notes" shipped as a part of the installer.