Resolve "Help for Database access issues" when opening Business Manager

Products affected: Business Manager


When attempting to open Business Manager, the database does not open and an error is displayed with the title Help for Database access issues. The error may also say "Business Manager is not able to diagnose the problem preventing it from opening this database", or "Error while opening database TR".


There is an issue with services not running, or the ODBC link needs to be reconfirmed.


UPDATED: October 17, 2017
  1. Select Windows Start > Control Panel > Administrator Tools > Services, or type services.msc in the Search Windows box by the Start menu.
  2. Ensure that each of the following services has a Status of Started:
    • SQL Server (MSSQLSERVER) 
    • SQL Server VSS Writer 
    • Message Queuing 
  3. If the status does not show Started, right-click on that service and select Start.