Resolve tiny icons in MapInfo Pro on Windows 10 using a 4K screen

Products Affected: MapInfo Pro


Some icons, buttons, text appearing small for MapInfo Pro™ on 4K screen.

FAQ: How to check if the user have 4K screen?
Right-click on the desktop, go to "Screen Resolution".
What's listed there in the drop down as the highest/recommended?
If it's 3840x2160, then the monitor has 4K.

There has been issues reported for 32-bit MapInfo Pro on 4K screens but the same issue is also observed in 64-bit MapInfo Pro as well.


The problem is not just with MapInfo Pro but with some other software as well such as Leapfrog, Google Earth etc. These software were written before high DPI displays appeared and were not properly updated to support high DPI. 


UPDATED: December 2, 2019
However, some of the below tricks may mellow down the tiny icons\buttons issue:

    Right Click Start - Control Panel - Display - Change Display Settings - Select "Make Text and other items larger or smaller" 

2. Change DPI, this can be changed in Customize your display setting window. 
    Use horizontal scrollbar to change the size of text, apps,, and other items. 
User-added image

3. A temp fix is to disable the auto DPI visualization by: 
    Right-click on the shortcut or .exe ->properties ->compatibility->disable display scaling on High DPI settings 

4. Lower down the resolution
    Right-click on the desktop, go to "Screen Resolution". try other resolution such as 2048x1152.

Please note this has been raised as a bug (MIPRO-86020) in MapInfo Pro and will be looked at for future releases.