Resolve SendPro rate and carrier rate differences

Products affected: SendPro™


The rates displayed in SendPro™ differ from the rates displayed on the carrier's website for the same shipment.


When creating a label in SendPro, the rate may include carrier surcharges or handling fees that the carrier does not include when creating the label on their website, but that they will add to your invoice later.


UPDATED: October 1, 2019
In some cases, the rate displayed on the carrier's website will not include certain handling fees or surcharges, which are applied to the shipment when invoiced. Refer to prior carrier invoices to understand how the carrier bills these charges.

In contrast, the rates shown by SendPro include all fees and surcharges that are known at the time the label is created.

For example, if you do not set the residential indicator on a residential delivery, you will not see the residential delivery surcharge included in the price of the label when created, but the carrier will add the residential delivery surcharge for that shipment to the your invoice.

Note: SendPro will attempt to display a notice when such fees have been applied. However, this is only possible when the carrier returns an itemized list of charges, and not all carriers do so.