MapMarker v.29 and issues when geocoding multiple passes via ODBC

This issue has been duped with MM v.28 and v. 29 and on SQL Server 2005, 2008 and 2012.


User running MapMarker v.29 and creates an ODBC connection to a table in SQL Server.
The table has 2 address columns - Address_A and Address_B - each with different Address strings.
User geocodes 1st using Address_A as an input field and outputs the corrected address string to an Out_Address_A field in the same table.
This output field is updated as expected, as is the georesult field.

He then changes the input column for Address to the Address_B field and sets the output address field to Out_Address_B.

When the user geocodes, however, the output Address strings from address_A (and not from Address_B) are written to the Out_Address_B column.
Also, the georesult field is updated with the Address_A georesults and not the Address_B georesults.



This has been filed as bug MM-2240.


UPDATED: July 15, 2019
The only know workaround to date is to close the table or MM itself after geocoding using Address_A and before geocoding using Address_B field for input.

Note that non-ODBC geocoding is not affected by this bug.