No power or blank screen on the DM50-DM60

Products affected:
DM50™/DM55™ (K721)
DM60™ (K722)


The meter display screen is blank.


The meter may be in sleep mode, or it may not be receiving power.


UPDATED: 23 July 2019
To troubleshoot this issue:
  1. The meter may be in sleep mode. Press any button to wake it up.
  2. Ensure that the power cord is plugged into the meter and a working electrical outlet.
Note: Ensure that the power cord is not plugged into a multi-plug adapter. If it is, try plugging the meter directly into a wall socket if possible.
  1. Unplug the power cord, wait one minute, then plug it back in. The print carriage should move while powering up.
  2. Wait one minute for the meter to fully power up.
Note: Perform the remaining steps even if you cannot see anything on the screen.
  1. Press Menu / Options key.
  2. Press Review (up) key once (the meter will be displaying Change setup?)
  3. Press Enter/Yes twice.
  4. The meter is now in the Change Display Contrast menu. Press Review (up) several times to increase the contrast.