Troubleshooting poor performance when opening workspaces in MapInfo Professional

Products affected: MapInfo Professional


Opening a workspace in MapInfo Professional exhibits poor/slow performance.


Typical causes for slow performance when opening a workspace can be network-related issues when tables being loaded via the workspace are located on mapped network drives and not "local" to the computer where MapInfo Professional is installed.

Another cause could be related to printer drivers, especially when utilising network printers.


UPDATED: December 3, 2019
To troubleshoot issues related to tables found on mapped network drives, you can try "packaging" the workspace, using the included tool Workspace packager.

To enable this tool in MapInfo Professional 32-bit do the following:

1. Select Tools > Tool manager... 
2. Scroll the menu items until you find Workspace Packager and place a tick in the Loaded and Autoload checkboxes and select OK.
3. Select Tools > Workspace Packager and follow the on screen prompts.

To enable this tool in MapInfo Professional 64-bit do the following:

1. Select HOME > Tool Extensions > Registered.
2. Scroll the menu items until you find Worksapce Packager and place a tick in the Autoload checkbox, and double-click the item.
3. This will then put the Workspace Packager tool in the Running tab. Double-click to open the tool and follow the on screen prompts.

When the workspace is packaged, copies of the tables are placed in a local folder along with a re-written PATH-less workspace which allows the workspace to be opened on any computer.

If the packaged workspace opens significantly faster, then the performance issue is likely related to the location of tables across the network.

To troubleshoot issues with network printers, do the following:

For 32-bit:

Select Options > Preferences > Startup

For 64-bit:

Select PRO > Options > Startup

On the Startup Preference screen, ensure that the Save Printer Information into Workspaces and Restore Printer Information from Workspaces checkboxes are unchecked.

For example:

User-added image

If the workspace in question opens significantly faster then there are issues with the network printer driver. These boxes should remain unchecked to improve performance.