Resolve error 80 "Failed to feed: G" on the DI950, Relay 5000, Relay 8000 and more

Products affected: DI900™, DI950™, Relay™ 5000, Relay™ 6000, Relay™ 7000, Relay™ 8000


The inserter is displaying error code 80 Failed to feed: G and will not run.


Envelopes are not feeding from the High Capacity Envelope Feeder (HCEF) feeder G.


UPDATED: March 6, 2017
To resolve this issue, clear jams and verify that the correct material is loaded:
  1. Remove any partially fed material from the feed trays.
  2. Open the jam release door on the back of feeder G.
  3. Check for jammed material after feeder G.
  4. Closed all jam release knobs and covers.
  5. Press Cancel to clear the error.
  6. Press Clear Deck to remove any material that is still in the system.
  7. Verify that the correct material is loaded for this job.
Note: To check the loading directions, select Loading Directions and Pre-Run Adjustments on the job screen.
If the issue is not resolved, verify that feeder G is adjusted correctly:
  1. Adjust the side guides:
    1. Place an envelope between the side guides.
    2. Using the blue adjuster knob, bring the side guides in to lightly touch the envelope.
    3. Release the knob. The guides will spring back to the correct position to allow free sliding of the envelope between the side guides.
Note: Side guides only spring back after they are moved inward.
  1. Make sure that the envelope slides freely between the side guides when it is placed flat on the red feed belts.
  1. Adjust the HCEF wedge:
    1. Insert an envelope into the HCEF with the bottom edge of the envelope against the center guide, in line with the two screws. The top edge of the envelope (the edge with the flap) should point towards the wedge.
Note: Ensure that the envelope is centered, not angled, on the center guide to obtain correct positioning. If the position of the envelope is incorrect, the Separator Gap adjustment will be incorrect as well.
  1. Push up and release the blue Wedge Locking Lever.
  2. Slide the wedge toward the envelope until the top edge of the envelope fits into the center slot of the wedge.
HCEF wedge adjustment
  1. Push down on the Trail Prop Locking Lever to lock the wedge into place and remove the envelope.
  1. Adjust the HCEF Separator Gap:
Note: You must adjust the HCEF Wedge before you can adjust the Separator Gap.
  1. Prepare an envelope for the separator gap adjustment:
    1. Cut a strip of 20 lb. (75 gsm) paper to fit inside an envelope.
    2. Insert the strip of paper into the envelope.
    3. Tap the envelope lightly against a hard surface to ensure the strip of paper rests all the way down at the bottom of the envelope.
    4. Close the envelope flap.
  2. Push up on the Separator Gap Lever to raise the separator.
  3. Place the envelope, bottom edge first, into the separator so that the top edge (flap crease) lines up with the edge of the tab on the wedge.
Note: The edge of the tab is indicated by two arrows.
  1. Lower the separator completely, then push down on the Separator Gap Lever to lock it into place.
  2. Pull the envelope out from the HCEF.
  3. Shingle a 20mm to 50mm stack of envelopes. Place the envelopes into the HCEF flap side down, flap last.
  4. Finish loading a full stack of envelopes (up to 500 pieces), making sure that the envelopes contact the back of the side guides. It is not necessary to shingle the remaining envelopes.
If the issue is not resolved or if the issue returns, contact client support. Please have your model number ready.