Resolve error code 82 "Remove material from: HCEF Horizontal Transport Area" on the DI900, DI950, Relay 5000, Relay 8000 and more

Products affected: DI900™, DI950™, Relay™ 5000, Relay™ 6000, Relay™ 7000, Relay™ 8000


The inserter is display error code 82.* Remove material from: HCEF Horizontal Transport Area and will not run.


The envelope flap failed to open.


UPDATED: December 12, 2017
  1. Remove any partially-fed material from the feed trays.
  2. Press Cancel to clear the error.
  3. Press Clear Deck to remove any material that is still in the system.
  4. Check that the envelope flaps are not sticking.
  5. Verify that the correct material is loaded for this job.
Note: To check the loading directions, select Loading Directions and Pre-Run Adjustments on the job screen.