Resolve error 86 "Remove material from: HCSF Transport Area" on the DI950, Relay 5000, Relay 8000 and more

Products affected: DI900™, DI950™, Relay™ 5000, Relay™ 6000, Relay™ 7000, Relay™ 8000


The inserter is display error code 86 "Remove material from: HCSF Transport Area" and will not run.


Material is jammed in the High Capacity Sheet Feeder (HCSF) transport area.


UPDATED: October 10, 2017
  1. Remove any partially-fed material from the feed trays.
  2. Open the front cover on the HCSF horizontal section.
  3. Raise and slide back the top cover.
  4. Remove any material or debris.
  5. Closed all jam release knobs and covers.
  6. Press Cancel to clear the error.
  7. Press Clear Deck to remove any material that is still in the system.
  8. Verify that the correct material is loaded for the job.
Note: To check the loading directions, select Loading Directions and Pre-Run Adjustments on the job screen.