What Causes MailStream Plus error "Mailer ID Serial num mismatch ..."

Product affected: MailStream Plus™, all platforms, all versions


The actual error message is-
"Mailer ID Serial num mismatch xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx at record number nnnnnnnnn"
The text indicated by the x's is the Mailer ID and Serial Number information.
The text indicated by the n's is the output record number in which the error occurred.


Per the MailStream Plus™ Guide-
This error message indicates that the total length of the Mailer ID field plus the Serial Number field does not equal the 15-byte length required for the Intelligent Mail® barcode.


UPDATED: August 20, 2019
Review the IMBOUT parameter (and IMBINB, if used) to determine how the two fields are being defined in the job, and verify the specified lengths.