Resolve issue where the StreetPro Product is missing a shields layer



StreetPro does not display shield layer or layers that were displayed in a previous version.


The cause is the data provider Tom Tom who have issued this statement:

Tom Tom reclassifies road segments every quarter. The algorithm that creates the shields takes into account the segment length and then decides whether or not to place a shield.
If the segment is reclassified (i.e. does not fall into the TCH bucket) it gets ignored.
If the segment is reclassified as a Provincial highway then a Provincial shield is created.
If the segment is determined to be too short then no shield is created for that segment.

That is typically why there are no TCH shields created.

Another possibility is that if a shield has no shield number, then the records are removed because there isn’t a shield number value to fill the sign.

Having a blank shield makes the maps look "incomplete"


UPDATED: October 30, 2017
StreetPro is working as designed.