Resolve issue where Labels cause slow Map rendering in a Workspace opened in the x64 versions of MapInfo Pro


When you have your labels turned on for a specific layer, the performance of your Workspace becomes slow.

Opening the Workspace also take a long time.

You may even see that zooming in and out of the Map windows puts MapInfo Pro in a non-responsive state, or that MapInfo hangs before processing.


The cause of this issue is "Label Partial Objects".

When turned on for labeling for the layer causing the issue, it slows down MapInfo Pro. 

MapInfo Pro clips each object to the map boundary - which is fast for objects that don't intersect the boundary.

But if there are a number of fairly complex objects that intersect the boundary, it can take a while. 


UPDATED: October 30, 2017
To turn off Label Partial Objects please:
  • Select the layer causing the issue.
  • Go to the Labels tab.
  • In the Label Placement section uncheck Label Partial Objects.