Resolve localization issues in MapInfo Pro localized versions

Product Affected: MapInfo Pro


MapInfo Pro is localized in 16 languages.
Sometimes, the user may get some localization issues while using the localized version of MapInfo Pro.
Some examples of localization issues are:
 - Truncation of text
 - Overlapping of texts or buttons controls
 - Garbled characters
 - localized text coming up in English 


There might be couple of reasons for the above localization issues:
  1. The user might not be on the localized environment i.e. Localized Windows OS
  2. Bug or issue in the localized release


UPDATED: November 30, 2017
  • The user needs to be on localized Operating system while using localized version of MapInfo Pro.
            If the user has English OS, then language packs can be installed to resolve the garbled characters issue.
             For example: Users using German MapInfo Pro should be using German OS or German language pack applied to English OS.
  • In case the above does not resolve the issue, please get in touch with the Technical Support team for further assistance.