German MapInfo Pro 15.0+: Wrong data type label "Verankerung aufheb" than "Fliesskomma" (Float)

Product Affected : German MapInfo Pro 15.0+
Product Feature: Table structure maintenance


The German version 15.0.1 has an issue with the Float column type label. It shows "Verankerung aufheb" where it should be "Fließkomma" (Float) as it is in the previous German versions (see attached screen shot). 

User-added image

The data type is correct when you open the TAB file in a text editor but the German GUI shows the wrong label. 

This could be reproduce in all German versions since 15.0 32bit: 
- Release version 15.0 (32bit) 
- Maintenance Release 15.0.1 (32bit) 
- Release version 15.2 (64 bit) 
- Maintenance Release 15.2.2 (64bit) 
- Maintenance Release 15.2.4 (64bit) 
- Release version 16.0 (64bit) 
- Maintenance Release 16.0.1 (64bit) 


It's a bug, a simple string fix that has already been fixed. The Bug Committee will determine if it is to be released in 16.02 or 17. 


UPDATED: December 6, 2019
In the meantime, please ask the customer to make a copy of their current mires.dll, then copy the attached into their respective version of Pro 15 and/or 16.