Resolve mismatch between layout grid and frame positions in MapInfo 64-bit

Products affected: MapInfo Professional


Using the Frame Properties to position a frame at Top-Left X: 1 and Y: 1 results in a mismatch with the underlying grid.

For example:

User-added image


This is all to do with how the page has been set up, as the positions are calculated in centimetres (CM). 

To check the paper settings, do the following:

1. Whilst on the Layout Designer page, select LAYOUT > Page Setup.
a. Check the Margins (millimeters) to ensure there are no imposed margins.
2. Select Printer...
3. Select Properties.
4. Select Paper Settings and observe the Physical margins (millimeters).
a. Using the aforementioned example, if you set these values to 10 millimeters then select OK until you return to the Layout Designer page, you will see that the grid aligns with the frame which is positioned at 1cm for both Top-Left X and Y.

For example:
User-added image


UPDATED: December 6, 2019
To resolve mismatches with the frame and underlying grid it is best to explore the options mentioned within the cause section of this article, to find a suitable setting for your layout.